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TrullyCaffe By Fazura

TrullyCaffe By Fazura

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Premix drinks for reduce body fat, improve body shape and reduce body weight.

✅️Help individuals eat less and feel satisfied sooner and longer.

✅️Boosts satiety to promote feelings of fullness without any unpleasant side effects.

Who can consume TrullyCaffe?

• Suitable for men and women aged 15 and over.

• Suitable for breastfeeding mothers. For those who have just given birth, can start using Trully Caffe after the body starts to feel healthy.

• Suitable for those who want to lose weight, suffer from obesity and overweight.

• Suitable for those who have a busy lifestyle and have no time to exercise.

Benefits of TrullyCaffe

1. Improve the ideal body shape

2. Lose weight quickly

3. Feel full longer

4. Block appetite

5. Reduction of body fat mass

6. Increase body metabolism

7. Burn calories and body fat faster

8. Increase the feeling of satiety

9. Get rid of belly fat

10. Get the ideal weight

Kebaikan TrullyCaffe

1. Meningkatkan bentuk badan ideal

2. Menurunkan berat badan dengan cepat

3. Rasa kenyang lebih lama

4. Sekat selera makan

5. Pengurangan jisim lemak badan

6. Meningkatkan metabolisme badan

7. Membakar kalori dan juga lemak badan dengan lebih cepat

8. Meningkatkan rasa kenyang

9. Menghilangkan lemak di perut

10. Mendapat berat badan ideal


Instant Coffee Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer, Latte Flavour, Coffee Flavour, MCT Lipid Powder, Green Coffee Extract, White Kidney Beaz Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Sinetrol, Saffron Extract, Fructoligosaccharide and Stevia Extract

TrullyDolly Self Stirring Mug quickly blends beverages without the effort of shaking or stirring. You will no longer have to worry about getting to the bottom of your drinks. Featured with advanced self-stirring tech, press the automatic stirring button on the cup, and the propeller at the bottom will rotate to mix the drink. If you press the button once again, it will stop stirring. Enjoy your perfectly mixed drink darling!

Capacity: 400ml

Product Descriptions:

➡This self stirring mug is battery operated (2xAAA batteries not included)

➡This products adopts 304 stainless steel inner tank.

➡Made of high quality food grade plastic material, sturdy and it is durable enough for long time use.


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