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Audela SG

Audela Multi 17

Audela Multi 17

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Beauty Insider’s Choice Award for Best Detox/Slimming supplement, Audela Multi 17. It contains 17 special ingredients to help your body burn fat optimally and get rid of toxins inside the body. It also helps with intestinal cleaning, detoxification, slimming, vitality, whitening and anti-aging. And all of these help to achieve radiant and glowing skin.

Audela can be consumed by both men and women, even nursing moms. Drink Audela six months after delivery if you are not exclusively breastfeeding your baby, you can drink it 3 months post partum.

Product Information: 20g x 30 sachets in a bottle

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*Disclaimer: Please note that result varies for each individual.
*Penafian: Keputusan selepas penggunaan adalah berbeza bagi setiap individu. 



Who can consume Audela?
Both man and woman above 18 years old. And if you're on doctor's medication or having any critical illnesses, it's not advisable for you to consume Audela. You may need to consult your doctor first.

How fast can I see the results?
Generally results can be seen in 3-7 days depending on individual body system.

The difference between Audela and Adore? Can I take both supplement at the same time?
Audela is a detox drink whereas Adore is a modern jamu created specially for woman. You may consume Adore 30 mins after taking Audela, vice versa. Alternatively, you may consume Audela in the morning before breakfast and Adore at night

How to drink Audela during Fasting month?
You may consume Audela during pre-dawn meal(sahur). As Audela gives us the energy and makes us full. Afterwhich, you eat as per normal.

Can I drink Audela during menses?
Unfortunately you are unable to. As there's natural detoxification during menstruation. Thus, you may resume to take Audela only after menses.

I'm pregnant or trying to conceive. Can I drink Audela?
Pregnant and ladies trying to conceive unable to consume Audela as one of Audela key is to detox. Moreover for ladies who is trying to conceive, we won't know when we are expecting. Thus, safety always come first.
Can nursing mum drink Audela?
Yes. You may consume. If you are breastfeeding your child, you may consume Audela after 2 - 3 months giving birth. And monitor your own body. You may also take half sachet of Audela for a start for the first week.

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