Audela (Lose Weight)

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AUDLELA SG™ have won the Best Detox/Slimming supplement, Audela by Nad Zainal by Beauty Insider’s Singapore. It contains 17 special ingredients to help your body burn fat optimally and get rid of toxins inside the body. It also helps with intestinal cleaning, detoxification, slimming, vitality, whitening and anti-aging. And all of these help to achieve radiant and glowing skin.


Audela Ingredients:

Blueberry fruit juice powder, Oat fiber, Hydrolized peptite collagen, Oligo fiber,Senna, Acai berry extract, Guarana, Garcinia Cambogia, Capsicum, Green Tea, Vitamin C, Stevia, Tomato stem cell, Argan stem cell, Apple stem cell, Grape stem cell & Acacia Gum.


*Disclaimer: Please note that result varies for each individual.
*Penafian: Keputusan selepas penggunaan adalah berbeza bagi setiap individu.