SUCI - Instant Whitening Serum

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  • SUCI Serum treat various types of facial skin problems. Founded by Actress, Syatilla Melvin
  • Suitable for all skin types and can be used by men and women.
  • Contains natural ingredients such as Grapeseed, Gluthatione & Pumpkin extract and safe to use.
  • KKM Approved and contains no forbidden & harmful substances

    Natural Ingredients

    Grapeseed: Contains high levels of vitamin C and E that will improve skin tone and brighten the skin and act as anti-aging.

    Pumpkin Extract: High content of beta carotene and vitamin B can help reduce blood circulation and reduce pigmentation on the face.

    Gluthathione: An antioxidant agent that can brighten the skin and prevent free radicals that cause pigmentation, acne and dull skin.


    Product Information: 15ml

    *Disclaimer: Please note that result varies for each individual.
    *Penafian: Keputusan selepas penggunaan adalah berbeza bagi setiap individu. 

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