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Shortcutx Teh Tarik

Shortcutx Teh Tarik

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 What is Shortcutx Teh Tarik Slimming Tea?

Shortcutx Teh Tarik Slimming Tea is a 100% organic milk tea that has remarkable weight loss inducing properties to help you with your weight loss journey. Its a low calorie drink with no sugar in Teh Tarik flavour. It is packed with fat burning ingredients that will be able to enhance your weight loss journey!

 Does it cause diarrhea?

Nope, not at all! Zero (for real!)

 What is difference between Teh Tarik & Apple Cider?

They're 2 totally different products. While both products help you with weight loss, they're different in flavour. Teh Tarik also requires mixing with water while Apple Cider is a ready to drink supplement. 
Secondly, different ingredients are used. Teh Tarik Slimming Tea helps to curb your appetite stronger while Apple Cider formula focuses more on fat burning. Teh Tarik Slimming Tea also contains higher caffeine content, so for those who are not able to take caffeine, we wouldn't recommend you to consume the Teh Tarik.

 Is this a fat burner just like Apple Cider?

Our Apple Cider focuses more on boosting your metabolism, blocking fats from forming and also burning fats but for Teh Tarik Slimming Tea, the formulation helps to curb appetite much stronger. It also contains MCT lipid powder which helps to decrease insulin resistance, lowers body weight, and reduces waist circumference.

 Is it safe for me to consume?

Shortcutx Teh Tarik Slimming Tea is safe for children above 12 years old. It is also safe for nursing mothers after confinement, and for women trying to conceive.

This product is not intended for pregnant women, and patients with hyperthyroidism. If you have any other medical conditions, please consult your doctor before consuming.



• Reduce constipation and bloating

• Cleanse and detox the body

• Aids natural detox process

• Support weight maintenance

• Curbs appetite

• Reduce body fat

• Improves metabolism

• Increased energy

• Ease bowel movements



Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


If you are nursing, pregnant, or with a medical condition, consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.


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