Luxurious Beauty Drink

Hithion is a Botanical drink with Iprona Fruits Extract which includes Blackberry, Rasberry, Blueberry and Elderberry. It also contains Vitamin C which protects our skin from UV rays and can brighten dull skin, allowing it to look healthier and more vibrant.

Main Functions: 
  • Serves as an antioxidant
  • Remove free radials
  • Relieve muscle fatigue
7 Benefits of Hithion: 
  • Whitens and brightens your skin
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Enhance protection against UV rays
  • Reduce appearance of dark spots
  • Increase production of Type 1 collagen*
  • Prevent pimples & white heads
  • Enhance healing of wounds

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*Disclaimer: Please note that result varies for each individual.
*Penafian: Keputusan selepas penggunaan adalah berbeza bagi setiap individu. 

Product Information: 2.6g x 30 sachets in a box